Milk in Aseptic Packaging

Milk in South America as well as other parts of the world is commonly sold in aseptic packaging., which does not require refrigeration or preservatives. Once opened, it is consumed very quickly.

Milk is an important source of protein and calcium, especially for growing children and pregnant women. BBI has prioritized including milk in every gift of food and basic necessities to refugees living in the streets.

The prevalence of  aseptic packaging makes this feasible, even for refugees living on the streets  in a tropical environment.

BBI has learned two important lessons about milk in aseptic packaging from our interactions with refugees.

  1. Smaller aseptic packages are easier for them to manage because once opened, the milk must be consumed quickly to avoid spoiling because they have no refrigeration.
  2. Once an aseptic package of milk is opened, no matter the size, it is shared among other refugees to avoid waste.

We will continue to learn and adapt on how we can better provide for refugees living in the streets so we utilize our limited resources to the maximum extent possible.

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